LGBTIQA+ survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) in the EU do not receive adequate support: Member States have not developed enough support services for survivors of GBV which take into account the specific circumstances of affected LGBTIQA+ people. 

The deficiencies in support services violate the rights of many EU citizens. Studies on the experiences of violence by LGBTIQA+ people because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression show a high prevalence rate. Research on intimate partner violence among LGBTIQA+ people shows high prevalence rates that are both invisible at the public level and a taboo issue both in LGBTIQA+ communities and service providing CSOs. 

The project LOOK WIDE! addresses this gap by encouraging key stakeholders involved in support services to take a wider approach to GBV and work against discrimination so that the rights of LGBTIQA+ survivors of gender-based violence are fully guaranteed. We have developed practical guidelines for the integration of gender and sexual diversity in the support services for LGBTIQA+ survivors of violence, trained professionals who provide services, and developed support programmes adapted to the needs of different LGBTIQA+ people in specific local contexts. 

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