For more information about the project and partners’ work, contact the coordinator (SURT, Spain) or partner organizations in Germany, Greece, Italy and Hungary:

Dissens, Germany, an educational, counselling and research institution operating since 1989.

KMOP, Greece, an organization founded in 1977, working to support disadvantaged groups by solution-oriented and knowledge-based interventions that are crucial to fostering resilience.

Differenza Donna, Italy, an association founded in 1989 with the goal of exposing, combating, preventing and overcoming gender-based violence.

Háttér Society, Hungary, an LGBTI organization founded in 1995, providing support services, exploring the situation and needs of LGBTQI people and mainstreaming these concerns in laws and public services.

Fundació SURT, Spain, an association working from 1993 to make the economic, social and cultural rights of women effective and to eradicate all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender.

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